Volusion vs Shopify 2014 Reviews: Two Big eCommerce Platform Face OFF

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On February 3, 2014
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Volusion vs Shopify: which one is better compared to another as best ecommerce platform? Let's see in details.

So what’s the problem with Volusion vs Shopify? Why should we CARE about this comparison? What’s the best eCommerce platform for shop owners in terms of usability and simplicity? Check out our comparision.

volusion vs shopify 2014 reviews

The last ten years have witnessed the rapidly increasing number of e-commerce stores/businesses. Sellers provide a wide range of products/services, according to what they can sell to others, whether it is tangible or intangible.

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Thanks to the development of the Internet and other telecommunication technology, today almost every one can set up a small to medium-sized retail store.

  • Some do it solely for ‘extra cash’ by trade or buy-and-sell common commodities. In this upsetting economic environment, one does not simply let the chance to make some ‘extra cash’ go out the window, right?
  • Some make handmade and show it to the world of handmade lovers. Good profit, I must say. And you got to do the things you love. Great, isn’t it?

Apart from individuals who want to be their own bosses, companies also optimize e-commerce platforms to market their products, attract new customers, give value-adding services to existing customers, boost sales, etc.

Besides, companies also go to e-commerce websites (Amazon, Spopify, Volusion, …) to find wholesale suppliers, potential partners, institutional customers. Sometimes there could even be new business opportunities, if you are lucky and look hard enough.

It is true that, you – either as an individual or a company – would expect your e-commerce platform to:

  • possess useful features for your customer and for your control of this online business,
  • be reasonably, appropriately priced,
  • be easy to use – both for you and your customers,

Understanding these real needs and wants from you, I decided to write this article which gives an all-faceted comparison of Volusion compared to Shopify by this structure:

  • Features
  • Pricing
  • Ease-of-use

Other comparisons between other e-commerce platforms would also be built up using this same structure. It is intended to give you a consistent, comparable look between these most popular e-commerce websites.

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For now, let’s get started with Volusion vs Shopify: The Biggest Battle In eCommerce Models.

Volusion vs Shopify: FEATURES

find featuresShopify and Volusion offer a similar set of key features and do all the kind of stuff you want to find in an online store-building tool – create catalogues of products, manage your store using CMS, optimize your products for search engines, accept online payments, provide 24/7 support, etc.

Both platforms offer a wide range of readily, nicely-designed free templates, as well as some advanced, paid templates and designs. However, Shopify offers one extremely important (and potentially crucial) feature out of the box that is missing from Volusion: a blogging tool.

I cannot stress how important posting quality blog posts is to generating traffic to a site, build customer loyalty, creat readership – and ultimately drive up sales. Of course, you could keep a free, 3rd party blog namely Blogpost, WordPress and link it to your store but it would be hard to keep everything run smoothly altogether in the long run.

Winner: Shopify.

Volusion vs Shopify: PRICING (At the time of writing)

Volusion: For Mini package (most basic one) Volusion charges a monthly fee of $15, with no transaction fee.

Shopify: For Basic package, Shopify charges a monthly fee of $29, with a 2% transaction fee.

At first look, Shopify may seem more expensive than Volusion.

Here are what Shopify provides, and Volusion doesn’t, with their most basic product:

  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited products
  • Discount code engine
  • A complete blogging platform

For me, (and I know there are a lot of you who may agree with me on this), one of the most frustrating thing is running-out-of-bandwidth website. Imagine you want to buy a thing, so you go online, hit the store website only to see that it can’t be shown because it has run out of bandwidth. Are you patient enough to wait, till when-I-don’t-know time for the site to come back and order the product you want?

The same thing applies to the variety of products one online store can provide. Though 100 products look sufficient in the first place, you may encounter its disadvantage later. Imagine that now you have the 101th product to sell, and for that only, you have to pay an extra $20 to upgrade to the next level of package. This seems like a big uneconomical move to me.

For the blogging and discount code engine, I think they are basically speak for themselves. With a blog, you can attract more traffic to your store website, raise your page’s ranking on a search engine, boost sales,… Discount code engine will save you from some serious headache of invoicing your customers, record revenues and sales statistics.

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ease of use shopify vs volusionHow about how easy to use these platforms? Volusion vs Shopify: Which one has easier learning curve?

For me, when it comes to user-friendliness, I find that Shopify is the Ultimate Winner of all e-commerce platforms there are, not just Volusion. It’s not my own opinions, it’s a results from real customers of this service which you can find here.

It is because Shopify possesses a much ‘cleaner, leaner, simpler’ user interface. The time it takes to build up a store from scratch is also much much much shorter than in Volusion. Upon starting your Shopify free trial, you are presented with a step-by-step guide (almost like a ‘wizard’) to adding products and setting up your store.

With Volusion, you are to face a lot of good tools for building a store, but with no real guidance on how to use them. How can you expect a beginner to put all these things together on his own? Even if he manages to do it, which level of effectiveness would it be on?

Howver, I did find myself struggling trying to set up the sub-menu to the navigation, and some welcome text to the home page in Shopify. Both involve some very strange processes that I had to Google a lot to find out what they are about. Why the company develops Shopify did not see this out, I really cannot answer.

On the other hand, other tasks in Shopify are straightforward, easy to understand and follow.

Finally, both products allow you to tweak CSS and HTML, so if you are a relatively experienced web developer, you will be able to configure your store extensively.


Both Volusion and Shopify has its own pros and cons, yet through this article you may see for yourself that I personally prefer Shopify to Volusion. For their features (key one: blog), reasonable price and ease-of-use. Moreover, Shopify is giving you a 14 day free trial for your business. If you are happy with the results, continue using it. Otherwise, you can cancel and get another service. There is no risk here, so why don’t you give it a try?

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Volusion vs Shopify: which one is better compared to another as best ecommerce platform? Let's see in details.

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